I managed to catch Pretzel fixing his face after a meal!

God this is one of the cutest snakes I have ever seen! <3<3<3

The above pictures are just to show the War of Ashes setting abit. a grimsical viking/fantasy setting (from a google search). The images have nothing to do with our specific game or party.

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Moi! (Reyna, Exotic Looking Beauty, How Bad Could The Gods Be?, Fugitive From The Jaarl!, Masterful Freeloader, Willfull and Obsitinate.) Reyna is perhaps the most gorgeous Elvorix you’ve ever seen, with exotic lavender fur and flashing canted green eyes, in fact shes so gorgeous you better get away from her! Get her out of your village! Make her leave! Any minute Agaptus will she up demanded her his bride!

My Fiancee (Lukkas, Kuld-Researcher, Kuld are Misunderstood, I Am Friend Not Food!) Elvorix scholar determined to learn enough about the Kuld that he can bring the Kuld together with the Elvorix in harmony…

The Rest of the Party: A naive Dirksherd (she is a Dirkus herder) who is dating a Border Warrior (With the Trouble God Magnet. He also wields Dragoslav, a magical sword gifted to him directly by Prolyus which causes no problems at all… nope… none…), a traveling Bard that wants to get into politics, a retired commander turned Gaas farmer (Gaas are giant riding Geese), and The Border Warriors Mute Standard Bearer.

The game started in Thoringia where a good number of townsfolk were ushered to the Temple of Agaptus, the priests there said that they required 7 people to go and retrieve the sacred Gaas of Agaptus for sacrifice. The GM had a great time pantomiming the priests and playing to the idea of the mediocrity of the world. playing alot of Whimsy into the scene. They decided since obviously not everyone would want to risk this mission, they’d choose fairly and impartially! They all covered their eyes and spun around and pointed. (Originally only 6 were pointed at because two priests accidentally pointed at the same person, one was shifted over, and all 7 were selected!)

Lukkas attempted to rekindle things with the naive dirksherd, only to suffer from jealous snide comments from the Border Warrior, the three of them had some great moments. Meanwhile the Bard and Reyna went to the nearest tavern, where Reyna ordered Kogg and then realizing she was a Masterful Freeloader, convinced her Bard friend to perform to pay for the meal.

Meanwhile the Gaas Farmer was busy trying to buy feed for his Gaas and when he returned he found the rest of the team gone, not knowing where they went, he began on his adventure assuming we’d left without him. However is Gaas decided to scatter and start giving him a hard time. Lukkas heard the loud honking and followed it outside and helped him wrangle up the Gaas (incurring alot of Divine Interest while doing so rolling +4 and 3 and -4s!).

Eventually the rest came outside and I quickly soothed the beast with my beauty, sneaking upon its back in order to use it for a mount, in fact the only one that seemed to have any trouble riding the Gaas was the farmer himself despite attempts of the Standard Bearer to assist him!

From there we began towards Agaptus’ Gaas Farm, some inter personal conversation bounced back and forth and then we found a Gaas fleeing at a dead sprint down the roard toward us. The Gaas farmer managed to wrangle this one to a stop and force it (though it took alot of convincing to ride back towards the farm)

We than found another Gaas charging towards us in terror, once we got it stopped it immediately collapsed and died. suffering from multiple (very small) Kuld bites. COntinuing to the farm, I prepped some poisons onto my daggers preparing to do battle, but when we arrived we found paniced farmers, dead Gaas and no Kuld.

I attempted to question the farmers after nimbly leaping from my still moving Gaas, but the farmers were dumbstruck by my beauty and outlandish appearance and stood mouth agape unable to speak. Not feeling i had time to waste, I kicked in the door to their farmhouse searching for any Kuld within.

Seeing no immediate danger, and knowing the farmers were busy in the front, I (being a Masterful Freeloader) set down my daggers and wasted some time stealing fresh food and supplies from the house, while my allies investigated.

A pile of dead Gaas and kuld tracks (from a single very small Kuld) lead in one direction, and a bunch of Gaas had fled the farm in the opposite direction.

I and my friend, Bard, chose to go after the Kuld (after all, how bad could the Gods be?), and Kuld in the center of Elvorix land scared me more than a lil. Most of the rest of the group thought they should go after the Gaas and perform their divine duty.

Lukkas, wanted to perform her divine duty, but felt obligated to follow me in an attempt to keep the Kuld from being killed. Along the way, as we tracked the Kuld through the woods, Lukkas began slowly conversing with me, and through clever and careful words, convinced me to agree to entertaining other options besides killing the kuld. I replaced my poisons on the daggers with a sleeping toxin and about that time we found a clearing.

The other team located the Gaas after a long hard ride, but not before in the fading light, the Standard Bearer of the Godmagnet became Marked by Agaptus. Glowing a luminous gold was just one affect he was sure to suffer.

the Bard, Lukkas and myself entered a clearing, we quickly determined that it was a Jaarl encampment, but only that of a single Jaarl, already strange, we also found a small cage, covered in poisonous slime. It would seem whatever the Jaarl had been doing he had transported a single baby Jaarl into the center of Elvorix territory. Curious and frightening. Was this a military plot? a blackmarket dealing? what was going on?

We were distracted by small movement in the bushes nearby, where we cautiously approached what we assumed was a frightened and no doubt hungry baby Kuld.

Meanwhile the other group, having wrangled the Gaas, began herding them towards Thoringia.

To Be Continued…


I loved the system, though we had no combat in the first game, the game was rife with overcome and create advantage actions. The approaches of FAE vs. the Abilities of CORE worked very well, and it prompted me to explain a little more about what and how i did things.

We had very little chance to roll additional dice/weight system, because we didnt do much combat), but I love the idea already. The same with Lethal dice.

So far both the setting and system have run smoothly and I really enjoyed our first game!